Welcome to SA

You may have tried other sex recovery fellowships but not yet found the answer to your sex addiction problem. SA has a strong definition of sobriety, which works for us. We have found a solution and have become free of lust, one day at a time. 

We don’t claim this way is for everybody, but if you want to stop lusting and become sexually sober, we'd like to share our solution with you.

Working Step 11 from the beginning

Step 11 has several parts to it, and I've made different progress against the different parts at different times.

Telling my problems how big my Higher Power is

At a recent conference I was told that instead of telling my Higher Power how big my problems are, I was to tell my problems how big my Higher Power is.

A memo from Lust

ATTENTION. I just received this memo from Lust who insists I deliver it to everyone. I know I'm not supposed to be taking orders from Lust anymore, but old habits die hard.
Greetings Sexaholics,

Only technically sober on my wedding day

Alas, I was pretty unclear about sobriety as my marriage day approached. Lust led me to be increasingly technical about my sobriety so that, although technically sober on my wedding day, I was in reality taking daily lust-drinks because my partner was an enormous lust trigger for me, and that totally clouded my mind. 

Many paths lead to recovery in SA

The most life changing 14 pages I've ever read were in Chapter 4 of Alcoholics Anonymous - "We Agnostics". The beauty of this programme is that the Higher Power accords with each individual's understanding.


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