Welcome to SA

You may have tried other sex recovery fellowships but not yet found the answer to your sex addiction problem. SA has a strong definition of sobriety, which works for us. We have found a solution and have become free of lust, one day at a time. 

We don’t claim this way is for everybody, but if you want to stop lusting and become sexually sober, we'd like to share our solution with you.

I will always need God's help

I have learned that if something comes between me and God, then I will focus on that thing, whatever it may be. Whenever that happens, I enter a zone where I'm exposed to lust and the smallest trigger, even a memory, can set off the lust in me. My next step will be to look at porn or something worse. So I have to run to God in prayer. I have no other escape. 

A perfect person trying to stay humble

At 18 months sober, I realize I'm rather a wonderful guy. When Chapter Five of Alcoholics Anonymous announces "We are not saints," I think, "Speak for yourself." Since I'm sober, I guess you could say I'm not a bad person trying to get good, I'm a perfect person trying to stay humble.

Step work - tough but worthwhile

I love reading about how SA members work the Steps. Whether they are working Step one or twelve, doesn't matter. It encourages me and provides me with motivation to continue my own path of applying the Steps - the principles of the programme - in my daily life.

Getting well someone else's way

Working the Steps with my sponsor and the AA Big Book has taught me how to submit to someone else's direction and way of doing things. The fact that I was addicted to sex should have been proof enough that my best thinking about God and myself was quite messed up and needed some serious change.

The words don't come out

Sometimes it's hard for me to share my thoughts and feelings at my SA home group. I'm a woman and sharing in a room full of men is tough. I experience sudden, fleeting thoughts about my body image and my hair - getting older, going gray, not exercising enough, clothing too tight... 


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